As you perform an exercise, EDGE gathers motion sensor data on your form and movements.

Learns Your Form

As you perform an exercise, EDGE gathers motion sensor data on your form and movements.

Tracks Workouts

EDGE will automatically recognize the exercise you’re performing and log reps as you go.

Provides Stats

Gain insight into your performance as data piles up with every workout.


When EDGE does the counting, your mind is free to push your body.


Pack more into your workout by reducing rest time and improving muscle groups.


EDGE streamlines analysis in ways you simply cannot do by hand.


Rithmio EDGE turns your entire workout into actionable data.

Sets and Reps

EDGE recognizes when you’re performing an exercise, accurately counts your reps and updates your workout log.

Weight and Duration

For each exercise, EDGE carries over your most recent weight. When you get stronger, bump it up directly on your Android Wear.

Progress Over Time

Tracking workouts over time reveals insights you cannot otherwise discover. Find trends in your data for each individual exercise.

Active Time vs. Rest Time

Spending an hour at the gym isn’t the same as spending an hour working out. Pay attention to the difference, and get more out of your time at the gym.

Personal Records

Keep track of your PRs for every individual exercise. Chase them down, and celebrate every time you beat one.

Automatically or Manually

Some exercises are difficult for a smartwatch to detect. EDGE lets you log reps manually for exercises not yet available.


Rithmio EDGE is available on Android Wear. Apple Watch is next, and we’re racing to support every wearable including connected clothing. Sign up to stay up-to-date on EDGE news and supported devices.